Warehousing in Rotterdam reaches new heights

Blue Water is making great progress with new Warehouse facility in Rotterdam

Strategically located close to Europe's largest port, Blue Water Rotterdam is soon inaugurating new facilities as planned since last year to improve warehousing offerings for global and local clients. A key driver behind this expansion is the increase in logistics services for major Cruise and Marine stakeholders. 

The new facility has a total area of 6,500m2, with 4,500m2 dedicated to warehousing and the remainder reserved for office space. 

During the last few weeks, the team has been busy creating 2571 location codes and adding them to our Warehouse Management System, making optimal routing for outbound picking ready. Installation of an outdoor loading bridge as well as small inventory pick & pack racks have also been done. The different heights of layers will allow for maximised capacity and flexibility in sizes of cargo, including the handling of out of gauge shipments.

“The team and I cannot wait to have the warehouse up and running at full speed. It gives us new opportunities to improve the services offered to our customers, making us able to leverage the high quality services we want to be known for in the industry“, says Robbert Siegmann, Operations Manager Cruise & Marine, Blue Water Rotterdam. 

The team plans to officially inaugurate the facilities 1 April 2024.