Expertise in oversized cargo

There is no need to worry about the transport of cargo that does not fit into standard containers, trucks and trailers. We have the equipment, and our dedicated employees will take care of the transport for you

Planning the route to success

Transporting oversized cargo and large items or components requires special expertise and knowledge of the proper handling of the cargo. Our experts have performed many transports of cargo out of the ordinary.

Road transport in the rough Iceland scenery, sea transport through the Russian river systems and air transport to construction sites in Greenland – we have been challenged with out-of-gauge shipments many times and we always manage to create a successful solution for the specific challenge.
For road transport in particular, route planning is an important factor for our and our clients' success. We perform route surveys to make sure that we are well-prepared for the assignment. The survey enables us to choose the best route avoiding heavy traffic, road works etc.

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Thomas Bek

Thomas Bek

Global Director

Energy & Projects

+45 7913 4020

Thomas started his career at Blue Water in 1996. He has more than 20 years of international experience with large and complex transports within the Oil, Gas and Industrial Projects sector.

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