E-commerce logistics

Connect your webshop to one of our logistics solutions. With dedicated and proactive service focusing on your needs we take care of transport, inventory management, picking, packing and delivery - and you can follow it all online. In that way, you can fully focus on your customers

Entire supply chain from production to the end-consumer

Your customers prefer a smooth and reliable delivery process. And so do we. Let our experienced team handle the logistics of your e-commerce or webshop.

We can take care of the transport and logistics of the entire supply chain from production to the end-consumer. Or we can be a partner for certain parts of the flow with an efficient and proactive approach.

With an easy and automised integration between you and us, you can skip all that time managing picking, packing, printing shipping labels, shipping and carrying out stock control. We can do it for you.

Benefit from a reliable service and wide range of logistics options, leaving you with more time to focus on your core business. Whatever delivery speed you and your customers prefer, we can do it all with focus on costs and accuracy.

It is important for us to be working with a responsible mindset.

That is why we offer a range of greener transport and logistics to make the entire supply chain flow greener by reducing or compensating emissions from your supply chain contributing to a greener future.

Unique, customised and efficient e-commerce logistics


Whatever kind of products you need to store – we can handle it for you.

Unique solution

We create individual solutions specifically for you, your market and products.


Cooperating closely with our clients is the best way to find the perfect solution.

Full visibility

With our system, you are always able to find your shipment – anytime and anywhere.

Visual KPI

You can always track our efficiency through our visual performance indicators.

Automatised integration into your webshop

Direct connection

Integration with IEX is your direct connection to Blue Water.


IEX integration saves you many hours of administration.

Automated transfer

Your orders are transferred from your webshop automatically.

Optimal integration

Our cooperation with IEX ensures an optimal integration.

Integrated IT systems

Our IT systems are customised to fit specific markets and serve as a tool for handling and monitoring every single step of the transport. You can book your transports online and have a full overview of the cargo - we take care of the rest.

Our systems include:
  • Track & Trace
  • PO Management
  • Warehousing
  • Supply base
  • POB system

Together we can make your supply flow greener

CO2 calculator

  • Analysis of carbon footprint with EcoTransIT
  • For all global transport and logistics 
  • Air pollutants CO2, SOx, NOx, NMHC and PM10
  • GLEC accredited & European Standard EN 1625

Supply chain optimisation

  • Analysis and calculation
  • Challenging existing solution
  • Modelling and motivating towards a greener model
  • Alternatives to costs, speed and emissions

Load optimisation

  • Utilisation of load compartment
  • Double-stacking of pallets
  • SpaceInvader setup
  • Fleet management

Alternative fuels / Insetting

  • Partnership with GoodShipping
  • Alternatives existing for all modes of transport
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Replacing fossil fuels
  1. We calculate CO2 emissions from your freight route with us
  2. You receive a price per tonne of CO2 reduced through fuel switch
  3. We confirm the order with you
  4. We place the order with GoodShipping
  5. We confirm the order and invoice you
  6. You receive a CO2 reduction certificate from GoodShipping

CO2 Compensation / Offsetting

  • Partnership with Gold Standard
  • Purchasing emission reductions
  • Supporting sustainability projects
  • Certified compensation
  1. We calculate CO2 emissions from your freight route with us
  2. You receive a price per tonne of CO2 reduced through offsetting
  3. You confirm the order with us
  4. We place the order with Gold Standard
  5. We confirm the order and invoice you
  6. You receive a carbon offsetting certificate from Gold Standard

Warehousing solutions

Pick & Pack e-commerce solutions

Line item picking

Your customers can make just a single order of your products. We handpick and dispatch for you.

Carton picking

We also pick cartons on pallets. Pallets can be packed with several cartons as required.

Spare parts

No job is too small or too big. We can easily store, manage and pick your spare part for you.

Full pallets

If you have larger orders, your company can benefit from our full pallet picking service carried out by professionals. 

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