Blue Water Malmo marks 10-year anniversary with Courier expansion

The special anniversary was celebrated with a charity donation to Skåne Stadsmission 

From left to right: Peter Alm (Blue Water), Susanne Glingestam (Skåne Stadsmission), Karl Sjölin Gustavsson (Blue Water) and Alister Rennie (Skåne Stadsmission)

Blue Water Malmö recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Since day one, the Malmö office has been focused on offering solid services in the road segment. While the primary focus has been on road traffic to and from Central Europe, the 10-year milestone marks the office's expansion into courier services. 

“We are excited to expand our portfolio with courier. Blue Water’s courier activity is growing, and we found it natural to move the courier operations from the Gothenburg office to Malmö. This strategic move aligns business development and operations in one office,” says Peter Alm, Road Manager, Blue Water Malmö. 

Originating as a road traffic office specialising in Germany, Benelux, and Italy routes, the Malmö office has expanded its network over the years. Additional road traffic lanes now include France, Portugal, Spain, and Poland. Blue Water Malmö has also joined two European pallet networks with daily departures. 

Today, the Malmö office employs nine dedicated employees, but with the current developments, the office anticipates further growth in both courier and road services in the years ahead. 

Local donation to Skåne Stadsmission 

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Blue Water Malmö, the office donated 10,000 DKK to support Skåne Stadsmission on behalf of the Blue Water Foundation. Skåne Stadsmission offers support to the most vulnerable members of society. They ensure professional assistance to prevent social exclusion and empower individuals to regain control over their lives. Skåne Stadsmission provides immediate assistance with food, clothing and shelter. 

Blue Water has always been dedicated to supporting local communities, and it has become a tradition that when one of our offices celebrates a significant milestone, the office gets to donate to a local charity project of their choice on behalf of the Blue Water Foundation.