Danish trainees complete 2-year traineeship

The trainees wrap up their last day with special celebrations

Blue Water’s Danish trainees completed their last week of the traineeship programme. After two years of hard work, this milestone was celebrated at each office, and the Esbjerg headquarters continued the tradition where trainees dive into the harbour after receiving their diplomas.  

The 2-year trainee programme provides a strong education in international transport and logistics. It is classified as the best programme within the industry and globally recognised as freight forwarding education of all logistics services in modern supply chain management.  

Throughout the programme, the trainees gain knowledge and experience in various aspects of the industry, including road, sea, air, and rail transport. They learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transportation, our various projects, and the key factors that affect the business, such as capacity, speed, and cost. They also get a broad understanding of logistics and supply chain management, how to optimise the business process and the economics and services involved in the industry.

Find more information about the programme and application requirements here.