Furnipart is running on tracks

Good partnership creates value for customer  

Furnipart and Blue Water have just extended and expanded the cooperation covering transport from the Far East to the company’s domicile in Hinnerup, Denmark. The new agreement entails that Furnipart’s transport will change from sea freight to rail transport in the future.

Rail transport brings several advantages to Furnipart. The duration of the transport of 15,000 kilometres will be shortened by approx. 14 days, and this means that their design handles and knobs can arrive within 28-30 days rather than 42 days. At the same time, the environmental impact is lower by train, and transparency is higher. A significant difference is the reduced risk of delays. Once the wagon is hooked, it is running on tracks.

“We have been looking for a logistics partner who is be able to meet our needs. Blue Water has customised a solution fitting us and the expectations of our customers. They helped us with a cost-benefit analysis showing that even though rail transport is more costly than sea freight, it is still a better business for us, because of the shorter transport time”, says Jørgen Rask, COO at Furnipart.

The two-year agreement strengthens the cooperation which has evolved over time:

“This is a great example of how a classic customer-supplier relationship can develop into a partnership and how we together create solutions valuable for both parties. Furnipart has challenged us and had the courage to involve us in their entire logistics flow. In close dialogue, we have made an agreement valuable for both parties and supporting the generous growth, which Furnipart is experiencing”, says Jeppe Rind Stentoft, Sales Process Manager, Blue Water.