How Blue Water can help reduce our customers’ carbon footprint

Blue Water expands the range of transport providing the opportunity for alternative fuels and CO2 offsetting

At Blue Water, we focus on creating customer solutions that enable minimisation of carbon footprint from transport and logistics provided by us.

“We aim to be our customers’ supplier and partner of choice. This includes offering and advising on solutions improving the sustainability and efficiency of the supply chain. Therefore, we are always searching for the best available solutions allowing CO2 reduction and matching our customers’ needs,” says Per Jakobsen, Business Development Manager, Sustainable Solutions.

Two new solutions in the product line

Fuel switch by GoodShipping

Now, Blue Water can offer the customers a solution to replace fossil fuels from their transport with more sustainable alternatives through fuel switch in another supply chain. The fuel switch can be applied to all modes of transport.

The solution is offered through the leading global supplier within this field, GoodShipping, who executes the actual fuel switch equalling the amount of CO2 that the customer wants to reduce.

GoodShipping also issues a certificate verifying the customer’s purchase of alternative and greener fuels.

Certified CO2 compensation through Gold Standard

Carbon offsetting is another solution that we can now offer. This means that our customers can compensate for a specified amount of CO2 emissions from their supply chain by buying into environmental projects through Gold Standard. Projects include planting trees, solar and wind farm constriction as well as fair trade projects in developing countries.

The CO2 emissions from the customer’s transport is calculated by Blue Water, following which Gold Standard on behalf of the customer invests in climate projects corresponding to the amount of CO2 to be compensated.

Gold Standard provides the customer with a certificate verifying the carbon credit purchase.

Other greener solutions

We already offer a set of transport solutions designed to reduce CO2 emissions. These include our CO2 calculator, EcoTransit, that provides our customers with CO2 data reporting and valuable insights into the carbon footprint from services provided by us.

We also offer supply chain focusing on efficiency, utilisation of load compartment and climate smart solutions with lower CO2 impact.

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