Round the world with Blue Water

Within only five years, the 26-year-old Asbjørn Lauritsen has made his mark by three international Blue Water postings

When Asbjørn Lauritsen started as trainee at Blue Water Esbjerg in 2014, he had a distant dream of getting to live and work abroad. However, the dream turned out to become a reality within few years for the young talent.

Asbjørn finished his traineeship in 2016 after which he was employed in the Energy & Projects division where he worked a couple of years before a new door opened: stationing at Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Here, he assisted the Blue Water Baku office with knowledge on airfreight and customs clearance in relation to one of the largest projects ever in the Blue Water history.

In March 2020, Asbjørn was offered a position as in-house shipping agent at SBM - a Blue Water client in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Blue Water was assigned the management of logistics and transport related to the upgrade of the FPSO vessel ‘Liza Unity’, which in everyday speech can be characterised as a floating oil producing ship.

Third international stationing within five years

However, the adventure neither stops at Esbjerg, Baku nor Rotterdam. Now, the adventurous Asbjørn has accepted a post in Caribbean. On this location, Blue Water opened office last year, and the competent employee is meant to participate integrating Blue Water’s setup and systems.

“At Blue Water, talent development is a key priority, and we are happy when a young person seeks new challenges and development. Asbjørn has always been ready when opportunities appear. This has also meant that he has quickly obtained strong competences, and we are very happy that he has accepted the position in Caribbean, as he is a perfect match with his broad knowledge of operations and understanding of new cultures”, says Jacob Kjærgaard, Regional Director Europe at Blue Water.

And it is not only Jacob Kjærgaard who is pleased with the solution: “It is amazing to realise dreams of experiencing the world through my work. On top of that, I gain knowledge and qualifications on how to solve the interesting project assignments, so I am looking forward to seeing what the position and culture have to offer”, says Asbjørn, Project Manager at Blue Water, who is visiting family before departure in his hometown Esbjerg.

Blue Water has experienced stable growth during the latest years, and especially the Energy & Projects division is successful. Today, the company operates 70 offices with a total of approx. 2,000 employees.