The Blue Water Foundation

The commercial and independent foundation holds 75 percent of the shares in Blue Water Shipping – thereby securing a solid ownership of the company

The objective of the foundation

The Blue Water Foundation is a commercial foundation based in Esbjerg. The Foundation was established on 14 May 2007 as shipbroker Kurt Skov decided to transfer 75% - and thereby the controlling interest - of the Blue Water Group to the foundation as a gift.

Benefits of foundation ownership

The Blue Water Foundation is an established commercial foundation, operating as a self-governing entity without owners. The primary focus is on ensuring the long-term ownership, well-being and development of the Blue Water Group, while protecting and evolving the strong culture and values built over more than five decades.

Being foundation-owned offers several advantages, including protection and fostering long-term stability. This ownership structure enables Blue Water to concentrate on its core values and objectives.

Driving purposeful initiatives

As part of an active and proud ownership, the foundation supports a range of initiatives that benefit Blue Water’s well-being and development, while protecting and evolving the strong culture and values built over more than five decades. 

The Blue Water Foundation also provides support to the communities Blue Water is a part of and projects that align with our promise of always putting people first. We strongly believe that this approach drives positive change, builds strong relationships, empowers growth, and ultimately makes a lasting impact.
This is our way of saying thank you and making a positive impact on the places we call home all over the world.

Members of the Foundation Board

The board consists of the following persons:

Front – left to right: Gyrithe Skov, Kurt Skov, Anne Skov (chairman)
Back – left to right: Niels Kaalund, Jesper Toft Mathiasen, Kathrine Kirk Muff and Preben Møller Nielsen (deputy chairman)