The Blue Water Foundation

The commercial and independent foundation holds 75 percent of the shares in Blue Water Shipping – thereby securing a solid ownership of the company

The objective of the foundation

The Blue Water Foundation is a commercial foundation based in Esbjerg Municipality. The Foundation was established on 14 May 2007 as shipbroker Kurt Skov decided to transfer 75% - and thereby the controlling interest - of the Blue Water Group to the foundation as a gift.

Objective provision

The primary objective of the foundation is to contribute to securing and developing the foundation for ongoing existence and development of the company, created by Kurt Skov, consisting of Blue Water companies in Denmark and other countries. In case the primary objective is fully met, the foundation can alternatively contribute to common non-political, scientific, humanistic, cultural, commercial, educational, humanitarian or social purposes.

Support from the foundation

The foundation board decides - only limited by the objective and trust deed - how the resources of the foundation are to be used.

So far, the foundation board has made a decision to choose for itself which of the projects - that fall within the subsidiary objective of the foundation - are to be financially supported by the foundation.

Thus, the foundation do not contribute to any purposes on the basis of unsolicited applications from the general public. Such applications can therefore not be expected to be considered by the foundation board.

The Foundation Board

The foundation is managed by a board of 4-7 persons the majority of whom must not be closely related to shipbroker Kurt Skov or his wife Gyrithe Skov. Presently, the foundation board consists of the following persons:

Members of the Board
Anne Skov (chairman), Kurt Skov, Gyrithe Skov.
Preben Møller Nielsen, (deputy chairman), Niels Kaalund, Jesper Toft Mathiasen, Kathrine Kirk Muff.