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Temperature controlled transport

We ensure an unbroken cold chain for your cargo from pick-up until delivery to make sure that the quality of your products remains of high standard.

Keeping your perishables fresh during transport is one of our core competences, and through daily departures, we offer some of the best solutions on the market.

Among other things, we handle:

  • Perishables such as dairy, meat, vegetables, fruits etc.

  • Seafood and fish
  • Wine and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals

Modern trailers control the temperature

Our modern reefer trailers are equipped with GPRS monitoring and fleet management. With these technological tools, we always know the exact position and temperature of the cargo.

We know that the slightest deviation in temperature may end up being a costly affair. However, by controlling the temperature, we make sure that the cold chain remains unbroken and that your perishable chilled and frozen cargo stays fresh - from pick-up until delivery.

Blue Water are honest, professional, and trustworthy. In the Reefer segment, they are one of the leaders

Danish Crown

We have been working with Blue Water for +20 years - it is a relationship that is very open and high on trust


Blue Water are very routed in our business. Sometimes they even know our customers and suppliers better than we do ourselves


Blue Water are very proactive, solutions oriented and flexible. It compliments our business perfectly


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