Your transport and logistics expert in Turkiye

Our local presence and expertise in Turkiye secures flexible and reliable solutions for your supply chain

Why choose Blue Water?

Comprehensive experience and competent staff form the strong foundation of Blue Water. They create our wide range of transport and logistics solutions. All over the world, our strong teams of experts work hard to fulfil the needs and demands of our clients.

Since the company was founded in 1972, our ambition has been to provide clients with the best service and highest quality in the industry.

Our foundation is knowledge, decades of experience and dedicated employees.

Today, Blue Water is represented with more than 80 offices worldwide. In every Blue Water office we combine our strong global network with local expertise – thereby adding value and providing our clients with services beyond transporting cargo in a safe and efficient way.

We serve Turkish exports and imports in all modes of transport, in all directions. Choosing the right transport mode or multimodal solution is vital for your Supply Chain.

Local presence and expertise in Turkiye

Do you value local knowledge, fast transit times and flexibilty in your supply chain? With the opening of offices in Turkiye we offer smooth and flexible transport and logistics services to and from Turkiye.

Let our skilled experts guide you in finding the right solution.

Choose the right mode of transport

Courier Solutions

  • Dedicated contact who knows your company
  • Door-to-door solutions worldwide
  • Easy booking, efficient communication and delivery
  • One-stop-shopping with all transport and logistics services within reach
  • Hand carrier, dedicated cars, marking and repacking

Road Freight

  • Own branches and local knowledge
  • Large local network and broad experience
  • Solution-oriented
  • Own terminals in Denmark
  • Minimum two weekly departures with own controlled trucks
  • Track & Trace
  • Short transit times

Sea Freight

  • Wide range of flexible container shipping solutions
  • Competences to handle oversized cargo and special equipment
  • Handling all sizes of shipments to and from ports all over the world
  • Compliance with country specific regulations and proper documentation
  • Local conditions and import and export compliance
  • Order Management system MyBWS
  • 3D load calculator to help you optimise your loading

Air Freight

  • Flexible solutions that suits all your supply chain requirements
  • Choose between our economy, express, courier or combined Sea-Air solutions
  • Reliable supply chain optimisation
  • Personal contact ensuring quality and knowledge of your transport needs
  • Own customs specialist
  • Fast transit times compared to sea freight solutions

Helpful tools for your planning

Country codes

Find ISO codes as well as telephone country codes for all countries in the world. Easy access to people and companies all over the world.