We offer quality port services and agency to

Cruise ships

We do port agency for cruise ships in all Greenlandic ports. We have more than 30 years of local experience, and along with our comprehensive marine logistics services, it makes us a leading player within the Cruise and Marine industry.


We have global experience with yachts to which we offer a wide range of tailored services such as documentation, bunkering, provisioning and repairs. Our expertise is always offered on the basis of a customised solution to fulfill any requirement.

Trawlers and other vessels

Our experienced Port Agency team offers 24/7 One-Point-of-Contact services and supplies to all types of vessels. For example, we can deliver water and electricity, line handling and our office can inform of weather and ice conditions.

Full service by local experts

We offer high-level services for crew as well as guests and owners while staying in Greenland:

  • Turnaround services

  • On-board agency
  • Crew services
  • Hotel booking
  • Chartering
  • Documentation
  • Customs clearance

Cruise and Marine Logistics

As the largest provider of transport and logistics in Greenland, Blue Water is an expert within solutions to the Cruise and Marine industry. We offer storage, supplies and distribution of all necessities to vessels and cruise ships calling at port in Greenland. In Greenland, we further offer direct-to-ship containers.

A long-standing and close cooperation with some of the world’s largest cruise lines has granted us with strong knowledge of this fast-growing industry.

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Blue Water Greenland A/S
Nukappiakuluk 2
PO Box 1380
3905 Nuussuaq

Tel: +299 325 410
Mail: nuuk@bws.net

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