Sea Freight surcharges and fees

As a trustworthy partner, we give our clients transparency in the total costs of their shipments by explaining the structure of our surcharges

Surcharges and fees to and from Denmark

See the surcharges and fees for transport to and from Denmark here. If you need to know the charges for other countries, please contact your local Blue Water office.


Sea import

Our monthly update provides information on the current BAF / CAF rates for the Far East, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We reserve the right to immediately change or apply e.g. Peak Season Surcharge, Emergency Bunker Surcharge, Equipment Imbalance Surcharge or other surcharges imposed by shipping lines.

Below rates are excl. Low Sulphur Surcharge.

June 2019

Far East:
BAF: USD 515 per 20' and USD 1030 per 40' – USD 28.25 w/m
CAF: 1.80%

India, Bangladesh & Pakistan:
BAF: USD 341 per 20' and USD 682 per 40' – USD 19.55 w/m
CAF: 1.80%

Fuel Surcharges: 22.20%

Low Sulphur:
Truck: per teu
Feeder: per teu

BAF = Bunker Adjustment Factor
CAF = Currency Adjustment Factor
LSS = Low Sulphur Surcharge

Fuel Surcharges

June 2019

Iceland: 37.80%
Faroe Islands: 15.00%
Greenland: 6.00%

May 2019

Iceland: 37.10%
Faroe Islands: 14.50%
Greenland: 6.00%

Please be aware that the diesel surcharge will be adjusted if Blue Water's expense and pricing structure changes.

New Maut tariff as from 1 January 2019

The German Authorities have now introduced the new Maut tariff effective from 1 January 2019.

This involves an increase in all forms of Road Transport to and from Germany as well as in transit.

The Maut increase will for instance have the following effect on haulage to and from Hamburg and Bremerhaven:
Maut on haulage via Hamburg will increase from DKK 245 to DKK 340
Maut on haulage via Bremerhaven will increase from DKK 563 to DKK 650

If you have any questions to the above, please do not hesitate to call your local Blue Water contact.

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