Logistics for the world’s most remote restaurant


We got to focus on delivering fine dining experiences without too many logistic concerns

Poul Andrias Ziska, Executive chef at 2 Michelin star restaurant KOKS

In Ilimanaq, a small isolated Greenlandic village with just 45 inhabitants, Michelin chef Poul Andrias Ziska opened a fine-dining restaurant on the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in 2022. For an evening at the world’s most remote restaurant, you take the boat from Ilulissat and, depending on the weather and the calving ice, arrive at restaurant KOKS in roughly 50 minutes.

Located on the coast, the restaurant overlooks the ocean with icebergs drifting by and the possibility of spotting whales between courses. The restaurant's remote location makes it a unique experience, but this location also brings the challenge of getting fresh ingredients and other supplies to the restaurant on time. That is where Blue Water came to help. 

“Through local recommendations here in Greenland, we learnt about Blue Water’s experience and established reputation in handling logistics in remote locations,” says Poul Andrias Ziska on why he decided to work with Blue Water to supply his restaurant.


Focus on fine dining, instead of logistic concerns

The collaboration between Blue Water and KOKS began in 2022 when the restaurant in Ilimanaq first opened. After the seasonal closing, Poul Andrias Ziska contacted Blue Water again in May 2023 to continue the cooperation for the new season – and the partners agreed to work together in 2024 as well. 

“We are satisfied with Blue Water’s services. The most impressive aspect is the team's reliable and careful handling of our supplies, which allowed us to focus on delivering fine dining experiences without too many logistic concerns.”

Given the restaurant's isolated location, supply challenges are affected by limited transportation options and un-predictable weather conditions. Everything depends on whether a cargo plane is able to land in Greenland, and whether a freight ship can dock due to too much ice before transporting it to KOKS. That while the restaurant in Ilimanaq needs to get its supplies on time to provide guests with the best culinary experience.

“Blue Water played a crucial role in surmounting the challenge of getting our deliveries on time. Its local expertise in maritime and on land logistics ensured a consistent supply of fresh ingredients and other essentials, even in difficult conditions,” says Poul Andrias Ziska. 

Challenges of delivery to Ilimanaq

Every week, a delivery of about six pallets by ship or plane arrived in Illulissat from Nuuk, Denmark or Iceland with products for the restaurant, mainly refrigerated foodstuff such as fruit and vegetables. The chefs also contacted the Blue Water team for local orders in Greenland. Things they could pick up from local shops, such as oil, eggs and freshly baked bread as well as Greenlandic specialities such as reindeer meat, musk ox, halibut fish and fresh shrimps had to find their way to KOKS - as did the occasional order for kitchen supplies such as bin bags and batteries. 

All this was collected in a big box and driven to Atlantic Quay, ready for shipment to the restaurant. There, a crane truck loaded the goods onto a small cargo boat, followed by the biggest challenge of the delivery: sailing the goods to the remote restaurant. Due to sea-ice, it is important to sail carefully - and depending on the weather, detours are necessary. Within about 50 minutes, the boat docked at KOKS. 

The restaurant was updated on the journey via text message – and on arrival, the chefs were ready at the quay to unload the boat and get ready for a fully stocked week at KOKS.

About KOKS

2 Michelin star restaurant KOKS, originally on the Faroe Islands but temporarily relocated to Greenland, serves a unique fine dining experience at a remote location. The restaurant is located in Ilimanaq on the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.