Fuel switch on sea freight reduces 50 tonnes of CO2

Carbon emissions are reduced significantly using the insetting method

The Swedish company TechnoSkruv has a part of the supplier base in the Far East, and with an ambition to become a more sustainable company, they have worked intensively with ways to optimise operations and not least the supply chain. For many companies, the supply chain takes up a lot of space in the carbon accounting, however, it can be a difficult place to reduce CO2 emissions, as global trade and transport options continue to be important.

“At TechnoSkruv, we work in close cooperation with our stakeholders to find solutions that support a sustainable way of conducting business. We only want to work with recognised methods to transform our transports and logistics into a greener variant, as it is a way of future-proofing our company. We want to be a reliable and responsible company that always lives up to its commitments”, says Johan Vilhelmsson, Purchase Manager, TechnoSkruv.

Choosing the right solution to reduce carbon emissions

Blue Water offers different methods to reduce or compensate emissions from clients’ supply chains contributing to a greener future. In this way, it is possible for each client to profit by the solution matching company needs.

For TechnoSkruv, it has been important to find a solution contributing to reduction of CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels for sustainable fuels. With a wish to reduce emissions from sea freight from the Far East to Sweden, Blue Water has calculated the CO2 emissions from TechnoSkruv’s freight route followed by a price per tonne of CO2 reduced through fuel switch and an order confirmation from GoodShipping, carrying out the actual fuel switch. Followingly, TechnoSkruv has received a CO2 reduction certificate on approx. 50 tonnes from GoodShipping, third-party audited by Ernest & Young.

“As TechnoSkruv’s partner towards greener transports, we are happy that they have chosen to invest in the fuel switching method. Instead of just compensating emitted carbon with a continued burden on the environment, we actually reduce carbon emissions into our atmosphere. This is vital to create more environmentally friendly supply chains, which is our responsibility to offer”, says Per Jakobsen, Business Development Manager, Sustainable Solutions, Blue Water.

Besides a fuel switch, Blue Water also offers a CO2 Calculator to analyse and optimise emissions, general supply chain optimisation challenging the existing solution towards a greener model as well as load optimisation with double stacking of palletised cargo. A last resort is compensating CO2 emissions by purchasing reduction certificates, supporting sustainability projects.

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