Reefer Road Norway fully operational

The local team manages the road transport of fish and seafood from Norway to the continent for various clients

Reefer Road Norway team: Bengt Nilsen, Alex Johansen – Ness, Lisa Lund and Erlend Pekeberg

Reefer Road Norway team: Bengt Nilsen (starting from 1.11.23), Alex Johansen – Ness, Lisa Lund and Erlend Pekeberg

The new Reefer Road team in Norway is now officially operational. With a team of four local employees – and additional colleagues expected to follow - Blue Water is increasing its footprint on the Norwegian reefer market. Fundamental to this expansion is the company’s leading strategy to be the best in town by being close to the customer and offering local expertise.  

"When pursuing global success, it is important to be close to customers, speak the same language, leverage geographical knowledge and develop relationships and networks in the country of your choice. To grow and thrive, it is important to establish a local presence,” adds Erlend Pekeberg, Head of Reefer Road Norway, on establishing the team in Norway. 

Local partners and terminal 

Reefer Road Norway manages the transport of fish and seafood from Norway to the continent for various clients. The team has agreements with several exporters in Norway's salmon and whitefish industries and has established domestic traffic partners. It has partnered with Oslo Seafood Center to offer efficient terminal solutions in addition to Blue Water’s own modern reefer terminal in Padborg, Denmark – which offers daily transport options for fresh, chilled and frozen products, such as fish and vegetables, throughout Europe and Norway.  

Previously, Norwegian reefer clients were managed from Blue Water’s office in Aalborg. The newly established local team gives the right competence and tools to meet the demands of local clients and provide full support. The Aalborg office and headquarters in Esbjerg will continue supporting Norwegian reefer clients; however, the team in Oslo is now the primary contact point.  

"Our expansion and gaining a more visible footprint in Norway are very important to us and will be interesting to follow in the coming period. Blue Water always strives to deliver with our 'One Reefer Road' approach while challenging the current status quo. This mindset drives our daily reefer operation by Road, Sea and Air. I am confident that more developments will follow soon,” adds Rene Busekist Ohlsen, Blue Water’s Director Reefer Road.