Carbon Calculator for transport & logistics

Gain insight into the carbon emissions from your supply chain with Blue Water's carbon calculator 

Emissions from global supply chains are affecting the climate. Blue Water can act as your partner towards more sustainable transport and logistics solutions. We offer different methods to reduce or compensate emissions from your supply chain contributing to a greener future.

The foundation is a transparent supply chain. With the Carbon Calculator you get data on: 

  • How much carbon your transport is causing

  • Carbon emissions compared across transport modes 
  • Calculations on shipments via Blue Water or other LPS
  • Greenhouse gases CO2 and CO2 equivalents e.g. air pollutants SOx, NOx, NMHC and PM10

The calculations are computed by EcoTransIT World - the most widely used software worldwide for automatic calculations of carbon footprint. It is a GLEC accredited CO2 emission calculator following European Standard EN 16258 and certified by ISO 14083. The calculated data can be used by our clients into own climate reporting, which is becoming a legal requirement more places worldwide.

Based on the output from the Carbon Calculator, we provide data analysis by our specialists, offering guidance on methods to reduce or compensate emissions from your supply chain.

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