CDS is coming - are you ready?

Please follow this guideline for a smooth transition into the new British customs clearance portal -
Customs Declaration Service

From August 2022, Blue Water’s customers paying customs in the UK will be affected by the implementation of the customs clearance portal - Customs Declaration Service. The UK customs authority HMRC will be closing the previous system (CHIEF) permanently by March 21, 2023.

At Blue Water, we like to be well-prepared to ensure that our customers and business partners are as less troubled as possible by the transition. However, we can't fix the entire process without your help. Please follow below guideline to make sure that we move smoothly into the new system.

Do you have questions concerning the transition? Our competent specialists are ready to help you. Please contact us on
email: or
phone: +44 (0) 161 876 2440.

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Step 1: Register for a Government Gateway account

If you do not already have a Government Gateway account to access personal or business tax account, you will need to register for one as this is your access to the Customs Declaration Service. If you already have a Government Gateway account, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Apply for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number

If you already have an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number, you can continue to Step 3. But if you do not, you must apply for an EORI number. It only takes 10 minutes to apply, and it is free. You should receive your EORI number within a week, but it may take longer during busy periods.

Step 3: Register for the Customs Declaration Service

To register for the Customs Declaration Service, you must apply:

  • your Government Gateway user ID and password for yourself or your business
  • your GB EORI number
  • your 10-digit Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number – you can find this on any HMRC payment or in your personal tax account
  • the address for your business which holds customs records
  • your National Insurance number (if you are an individual or sole trader)
  • the date you started your business.

The registration can take up to 5 working days to pass through.

Step 4: Choose which payment method to use

It is possible to choose the payment method which fits your declaration the best. You can view your balances and payments in the Customs Declaration Service Financial Dashboard, and you can also grant and amend standing authorities for your payment accounts.

Step 5: Notify Blue Water

As your customs clearance agent, you need to notify Blue Water that you have registered for the CDS. You may need to:

  • use the Customs Declaration Service Finance Dashboard to set up, check or update if Blue Water can access your accounts
  • let Blue Water know about any changes to your preferred method of payment
  • let Blue Water know about the incoterms, awareness for all values, the location information and nature of transaction information.

Prohibition of transport of semi-trailer on “pocket wagons"

UPDATE! A number of involved companies – Hector Rail, TX Logistics and HUPAC – have now received approval for transport of semi-trailers on pocket wagons. Therefore we expect the Italian traffic will be back to normal during next week (week 4). Blue Water’s Italian team will keep the customers informed.

Blue Water wants to bring to your attention that the Danish Transport, Enterprise and Construction Authority (DTECA) with effect from 8 January 2019 has introduced a prohibition on transport of trailers, loaded on “pocket wagons”, on the Danish railway network.

We regret to inform that this will have consequences for part of our traffic to and from Italy.

Naturally, we will look for alternative solutions such as rail solutions between Italy and Northern Germany and of course road transport. This is, however, a major challenge and we cannot guarantee days of departure nor can we guarantee transit times or price.

The prohibition is introduced due to the railway safety and after DTECA has witnessed a test on 7 January, conducted by Accident Investigation Board Denmark, observing that there might be a risk that the semi-trailer is not securely locked via the kingpin in connection with the loading on to goods wagons of the “pocket wagon” type.

The prohibition remains in force until the railway companies carrying goods on the railway network have fulfilled a number of conditions.

If you have any questions regarding your transport, please feel free to approach your regular contact at Blue Water.