Dedicated to deliver the best service

At Blue Water, you find a strong and competent team of experts. We continuously develop our organisation and improve the level of skills and in-house competences

We keep our promises!

When Blue Water was founded in 1972, the ambition was to create a small, local freight forwarding company, which could provide clients with a slightly better service and higher quality than our competitors.

Today, Blue Water is a large, international company with many employees, offices and diverse activities, but our fundamental strategy has not changed much since 1972: We want to be Best in Town - i.e. the best, local freight forwarder in the business areas, in which we operate, whether the assignment is local or global.

It is important to me that we stay close to our clients and maintain focus on their needs. In addition, we must maintain our credibility so that our clients never lose trust in us.

Skilled and competent employees are the most important foundation of Blue Water - we are a knowledge-based company built on in-house competences and resources.

In 2007, I handed over 75 percent of the shares in Blue Water to a commercial and independent foundation, the Blue Water Foundation, the objective of which is to secure Blue Water's identity, existence, future development as well as work places. Having handed over the share majority and consequently the overall control to the Blue Water Foundation, the ownership and the future is secured.

Kurt Skov
Owner & Chairman

Blue Water is – and always will be – a knowledge-based company built on in-house competences, says the company’s founder Kurt Skov.

Purpose, direction and values

We play as a team - and we play to win

The colour of service is Blue - we work with passion to serve customers better, every day, everywhere

We keep our promises – because our business is built on trust

We believe in strong and long-lasting relations – enabling everyone to run a good business

Our responsibility reaches beyond our business – we take care of each other, our partners and society

We constantly question status quo – dedicated to improving our efficiency