New agreement with Smyril Line

Smyril Line and Blue Water entered into cooperation for the first time in 1999 and have now agreed to go back to their old business model


Over the years, we have enjoyed a very good cooperation with Smyril Line

13 January 2015 14:44

The Faroese shipping line, Smyril Line, and Danish transport company, Blue Water Shipping have since 1999 enjoyed a close cooperation covering transport and logistics between the Faroe Islands, Iceland and the rest of the world.

Due to Smyril Line's financial problems, Blue Water became involved in Smyril Line in 2005 through the establishment of a joint venture, the freight company Smyril Blue Water, which was handling the freight on "Norrøna".

In 2006, the company changed ownership to become 100% owned by Blue Water Shipping who made an agreement with Smyril Line to become in charge of the freight capacity on "Norrøna" sailing on the service between Denmark, the Faroes and Iceland.

The economy in Smyril Line is now back on track and the parties have decided to change the agreement with effect from 1. January 2015 meaning that the responsibility for the freight capacity on "Norrøna" returns to Smyril Line. Blue Water Shipping continues as partner and will provide transport and logistics services from and to "Norrøna's" Danish port of call, Hirtshals, and the rest of the world. This means that the parties have basically returned to the old cooperation which was inforce from 1999 to 2005.

In connection with the new agreement, Smyril Line takes over the present Blue Water employees as well as the office and terminal facilities in Torshavn and Seydisfjordur whereas the two companies will share location in Reykjavik, where part of the Blue Water staff will be transferred to Smyril Line.

"Naturally, it is sad to take leave of a number of good, competent and loyal employees, but we have made a future-proof model. All employees have been offered a job with Smyril Line and we look forward to keeping contact with them as future cooperation partners", says Bent Rasmussen, Blue Water Shipping.

As part of the transport and logistics agreement, Blue Water Shipping will in connection with delivery of goods to and from the Faroe Islands and Iceland keep their terminals in Copenhagen and Hirtshals.

"Over the years, we have enjoyed a very good cooperation with Smyril Line. Now, the cooperation changes to another model which, however, is well-known from our previous model. The basis for our cooperation is still our common interest in providing the best and most flexible door/door transport solutions to our clients between the Faroe Islands and Iceland and the rest of the world", says Bent Rasmussen.

13 January 2015 14:44

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