Blue Water Guyana announces partnership with Petra

Commitment to the community extends beyond our business operations

Blue Water Guyana is proud to announce its recent donation to Petra Organisation. In a significant step towards community development, Blue Water has sponsored the installation of concrete light poles at the Ministry of Education (MoE) facility, located off Carifesta Avenue. This initiative, which has replaced Wallaba Poles with concrete poles, aims to enhance safety and security for students, staff, and visitors. 
"We are pleased to partner with Petra Organisation," said Jennifer Falconer, Senior Vice President of Operations at Blue Water Guyana. "Our commitment to the community extends beyond our business operations, and we believe that investing in youth development is crucial for the future of our nation." 

About Petra Organisation 

Petra Organisation, established in 2012, fills the gap in school football programs throughout primary and secondary schools, with support from the Ministry of Education and Guyana Football Federation. Petra plans to host football programs, prioritizing youth development and community engagement. 
"We were able to initiate this process with Blue Water Shipping, and immediately they saw the need for lending assistance to us, because I know they understand the importance for us to create a safe space for our kids and other users of the facility," said Troy Mendonca, Co-Director at Petra Organisation. "They came on board and have decided to assist us in replacing these posts."