Tunnel under the streets of London

Blue Water has delivered equipment for a 21-kilometre Crossrail (twin tunnels) project under the streets of London

09 October 2015 09:12

An international joint venture, led by Alstom, was in charge of the tunnel project and Blue Water handled various transports. 

Blue Water stransported a total of 38 rail wagons, which are part of a cement train used during the Crossrail project. 20 wagons were collected in Narbonne, France and the remaining 18 flat wagons in Mezy, France and transported by rail tracks to the Eurotunnel. When across the English Channel, the challenge was to move the rail wagons from the tracks to special trailers in a narrow time slot.

"One of the largest challenges was to get approval from the authorities to use the Eurotunnel for the out-of-gauge cargo. There are strict safety regulations when transporting cargo in heavy traffic", says Cédric Novion, Project Manager at Blue Water Marseille.

The final rail wagon has been delivered to the site and the project is "on track" and the Crossrail trains are expected in operation in 2018.

09 October 2015 09:12

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