Foundation supports maritime museum

The old skipper town, Marstal, received support from the Blue Water Foundation

07 July 2016 11:01

The Skov family's long-time attachment to the old skipper town, Marstal, on the Danish island of Aero, where the family also owns a house, made it an easy choice for the Blue Water Foundation to support the island's maritime museum when a special occasion occurred.

This happened on 1.7 with an exhibition of the paintings of marine and Greenland painter Jens Erik Carl Rasmussen to celebrate the inauguration of an extension of the museum. Jens Erik Carl Rasmussen lived many years of his life in Marstal.

On the same occasion, a book on his paintings was published. The author is Karsten Hermansen who is attached to the museum and has published a large number of books.

It was a day of festivity and the official opening was performed by the Minister of Culture Bertel Haarder. The entertainment was delivered by among others Marstal Choral Society headed by the Director of the maritime museum's Director Erik Kromann.

07 July 2016 11:01

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