Hectic activity at the terminal in Taulov

The construction of Blue Water's large cargo terminal at Taulov in Fredericia, Denmark is completed


Once the terminal is fully operational, we expect to handle 800-1,000 trucks on a weekly basis

05 September 2016 08:42

On 15 August, we moved into our new ultramodern cargo terminal in Taulov. For one year, we have been waiting eagerly to inaugurate the crossdocking terminal and office facilities which will be the future workplace of 63 employees.

The new large terminal will become the centre of our European road traffics. Also, a large amount of sea freight will be handled at the new facilities in Taulov. The establishment of the new terminal shall also ensure that we can handle the expected continued growth in volumes which has been remarkable in recent years.

In particular, the increased amount of clients and cargo volumes is a principal factor in creating a need for larger facilities. As both this new terminal and other Blue Water terminals are located close to the clients, the opportunity of providing swift and efficient service to local clients is evident.

"With the new terminal, our clients will experience an even faster and more efficient service. Consolidating our cargo, will give us the opportunity to optimise the operation. Also, we will be able to deliver service of a higher quality and with the possibility to fulfil the increasing demands, from the industry, to effectivity and flexibility ", says Søren Nielsen, Director for General Cargo in Blue Water Shipping.

The new terminal is 246 metres long and 50 metres wide. With 107 gates, it will be the import/export as well as the distribution hub in Jutland, with daily connections to the other Danish terminals.

"Once the terminal is fully operational, we expect to handle 800-1,000 trucks on a weekly basis. As we will be handling large volumes of cargo, it will take some time before we will be working full speed ", says Søren Nielsen.

It has always been important for Blue Water to be close to the clients, and the new facilities in Taulov provide the perfect location.

It is also important for us to ensure the optimal handling of the cargo and not least the safety of our employees. Therefore, we keep a strong focus on safety/surveillance and implementation of the right IT systems.

05 September 2016 08:42

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