Growth in air cargo from Far East

Blue Water Shipping increases significantly in air cargo from the Far East


We offer weekly flight departures from a number of primary airports in the Far East, and we continually work to optimise our set-up.

22 September 2016 12:58

In recent years, Blue Water Shipping's Danish air freight departments have experienced huge increases in imports of goods from all over the Far East. The total quantities handled by Blue Water Shipping in the Danish airports have more than doubled in a year. This is based on a general growth in imports from Asia as well as Blue Water Shipping's increasing market shares.

"We are going through a very positive period, where we in addition to the general growth also started to improve and develop our transport services of goods from the Far East to Denmark as well as to Scandinavia. We offer weekly flight departures from a number of primary airports in the Far East, and we continually work to optimise our set-up in relation to our customers' needs by means of our own offices and in cooperation with agents, "says Jonas Espersen, business development manager air and sea, Blue Water Aarhus.

Strong setup

Blue Water Shipping constantly increase our requirements for agents and other business partners to ensure that customers' needs and requirements are met efficiently and with the highest possible quality.

"The market is continuously on the move - and so are our customers' demands. We experience, among other things, that many customers demand air freight of larger quantities of goods than previously. It is due to the fact that the end customers require faster delivery, and therefore we must be able to handle large volumes of goods at short notice. This is precisely what we are capable of doing, because we have a strong and comprehensive set-up".

The time of transport by air is very short, and a lot of air freight solutions at several different price levels are available. Apart from air freight and general ocean freight, Blue Water also offers a number of alternative transport solutions for goods from the Far East - for example combined sea/air solutions or by train. Regarding these modes of transport, the customers can get solutions that are cheaper than air freight and at the same time faster than sea freight.

"There are various opportunities to customized solutions for individual customers. Blue Water Shipping's expertise and thorough knowledge of the market will benefit our customers as we can advise them based on current capacities and rates. Additionally, we offer a wide range of services beyond transport from A to B - such as customs clearance, insurance, door-to-door delivery and pick & pack, "says Jonas Espersen.

The present situation with suspension of payments at Hanjin's, the world's seventh largest shipping line, has led to major challenges for the market - and massive pressure on capacity - and accordingly Blue Water Shipping's expertise and alternative transport solutions provide great benefit to the customers.

Please contact your local Blue Water Shipping office for more information on the different transport solutions from the Far East.

22 September 2016 12:58

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