Expanding transports to Southern Europe

Over the years, Blue Water has experienced an increase in their road transport of fish to Europe


With the expanded terminal facilities we can strengthen both our service and the volumes we can handle

02 December 2016 09:00

Now, the traffics are expanded remarkably to include Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Through the last 25 years, Blue Water Shipping has transported fresh and frozen fish with daily departures from Danish seaside towns to markets in Germany, Benelux and France. In addition, large volumes of fresh and frozen fish are transported from the North Atlantic and Scandinavia to all markets in Europe. The fish are mainly transported to Padborg, near the German border, where Blue Water reloads the shipments via their reefer terminal for the many south-bound traffics.

Over the years, the volumes have been steadily increasing causing space problems at the company's reefer terminal in Padborg. Therefore, Blue Water has exercised an option to take over the other half of the terminal in Padborg from their long-time collaboration partner Bring.

Consolidating traffics

"We use the terminal in Padborg to consolidate our traffics and ensure that our clients will benefit from the most effective transport solutions to the markets in Europe. For many years, we have had traffics to Germany, France and Benelux and with the expanded terminal facilities we can strengthen both our service and the volumes we can handle", says Carsten Steffensen, Blue Water's Director for Reefer Logistics.

Blue Water has had few selected traffics on the southern markets in Europe such as Italy, Spain and Portugal to solve the needs of the existing clients, but as per 1 December, Blue Water increases its traffics to these countries.

"We have build up great competence and experience with road transport of reefer products and it is natural for us to continue our development and expansion within the area as we are able to provide our clients with very attractive solutions to ensure that the fresh fish can be served for the consumer as soon as possible", says Carsten Steffensen.

Today Blue Water has 350 reefer trailers driving on the European roads and with the company's takeover of Bring's share of the terminal in Padborg, Blue Water will have 3.300 sqm of reefer terminal at their disposal.

02 December 2016 09:00

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