Providing bridge transport in Esbjerg

Esbjerg Municipality is trying to create a better link between the city and the port area

13 January 2017 10:41

The link will be made with a new urban development project named “Landgangen” which is a promenade and bicycle bridge connecting the city centre with the port.

In connection with this project, Blue Water has completed the transport of 13 bridge sections for “Landgangen”. The transport was carried out for Valmon SM, steel contractor and manufacturer of the bridge sections.

“Blue Water offered an efficient tailor-made solution to the project through their large network, many contacts and not least skilled employees. As the price was also competitive, we chose Blue Water as our partner. The project was solved successfully and we will also consider Blue Water as a possible partner for future projects”, says Jan Mortensen, Project Manager at Valmont SM.

The largest bridge section measured 23 x 6.5 x 1.5 metres, and precision in the delivery was vital for the project.

“The dimensions of the cargo was challenging, however, our strong set-up and skilled employees solved the project successfully. Valmont SM had cranes at their disposal to help lift the sections in place. Therefore, timely delivery was vital to maintain a steady workflow in the erection of the bridge sections", says Allan Leiberg Brodersen, Freight Forwarding Agent in the project department.

13 January 2017 10:41

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