Drilling Rig from Asia to South America

No matter the size and complexity, Blue Water’s specialized project department will find a solution

25 January 2017 14:58

For this project, the scope was to transport a massive lower hull and other heavy components for the upper hull of a Semi-submersible Drilling Rig.

Teamwork between our client, Blue Water's subcontractors and our own in-house competences, was the key element to make this project a success.

The complexity of the project included engineering for the sea fastening and load spreading design, as well as finding the right vessel for each shipment, due to the nature and size of the components.

25 January 2017 14:58


L:108 x W:16 x H:16 meter – 4500 t

Lower hull
L:108 x W:73 x H:25 meter – 11000 t

Living quarter
L:61 x W:18 x H:34 meter – 1165 t

Drill floor
L:27 x W:37 x H:20 meter – 1225 t

Upper derrick
L:20 x W:17 x H:20 meter – 104 t

Lower derrick
L:21 x W:20 x H:45 meter – 543 t

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