Big blade haulage in Australia

This year, the White Rock Wind Farm in New South Wales, Australia is being constructed following years of planning, studies and approvals

01 March 2017 15:08

Blue Water is responsible for the full transport of 70 wind turbines. This is the longest haulage of wind components for Blue Water in Australia yet.

The wind turbines were shipped from China to the port of Newcastle. Next stage in the project was a challenging 550-kilometre haulage transport to the project site via the motorway, city areas and rough landscape. An 800-metre stretch on one of the roads leading to the site had even been resurfaced to make sure that the road could carry the heavy loads. The blades for the turbines are the longest blades - measuring 59.5 metres - that have ever arrived in Australia.

“White Rock Wind Farm is an exciting project to be part of. We face some challenges as the wind farm is located in Glenn Innes where severe weather conditions can cause delays to the project. Despite the challenges, the transportation to the location is proceeding well,  which we hope will continue in the remaining phase of the project”, says Alice Sun Nicolaisen, Project Manager in Blue Water Australia. 

Presently, five shipments are stored in Newcastle Port. The sixth shipment is currently on the water with ETA in Newcastle at the end of February. There are still two vessels with 20 sets pending from China. 

Next challenge for the project will be the transportation of 80 tower sections which are being locally manufactured in Portland. These transports include a total of approx. 1700 kilometres from the factory to site. 

01 March 2017 15:08

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