Lima on its way to Portugal

The three young sailors on board “Lima”, whom we are following on their trip towards the Mediterranean have now reached Spain and will soon continue to Portugal

15 August 2017 12:11

As sponsor of the project, we have received the following report from the crew:

“We sailed from Calais, France to Dover, England in about 4-5 hours. Here, we saw the famous White Cliffs of Dover and the Castle. From Dover, we moved on to Brighton and called at Europe’s largest marina. We took advantage of the good train connections and paid a visit to the great city of London. Afterwards, we headed west to Isle of Wight to cross the Channel back to France with a stopover on the Channel Island of Guernsey”, says Mads Ahrenkiel.

Visit from home

At Guernsey, a mutual friend from home, Klaus, signed on and stayed on board the next couple of weeks.

We shaped a southerly course across the Bay of Biscay – a trip of 365 nautical miles which took us close to 60 hours. During the crossing we saw dolphins, whales and swordfish. Last day on the Biscay brought hurricane-force winds costing us our autopilot which we now try to repair with assistance from home. We also set a new speed record of 12.3 knots (22,7 km).

One late evening, we arrived at La Coruña, Spain where we spent the following week relaxing and enjoying the city.  We are now sailing towards Portugal along the Spanish coast which offers plenty of anchoring opportunities. We take it easy and slow – bay by bay”.

Life on board

Living on board the boat is like living in a collective.

“We all take part in planning the trip. Hans is the captain and has the last say if we run into harsh weather etc. But we all help each other and take turns in filling the roles on board.

We spend a lot of time reading and our library on board will soon be empty. We play different board games and talk a lot with each other. Sometimes, the long crossings seem to last forever, but then we have the chance to discuss everything under the sun.

Living in such small quarters is no problem at all. We have lived together before and know each other well. As long as we each have a bed, we can manage. We have now tried to be four people on board without problems. Our next challenge will be to see whether we can fit six people on board. Time will tell,  but we will figure it out one way or the other”, say the three young sailors.

To be continued…..

15 August 2017 12:11

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