30-ton transformer to the Faroes

In Hirtshals, Blue Water has built comprehensive expertise within special transports of large components. Recently, a 30-ton transformer was delivered

06 September 2017 10:57

The transformer was delivered on behalf of Følsgaard A/S to the power supply company SEV in cooperation with Smyril Line. By use of crane and Blue Water’s specially trained employees, the transformer was loaded on the ferry, which shaped its course for the Faroes.

“The transformer arrived at the port of Hirtshals on a trailer. With a rented crane, we lifted the transformer on to another trailer destined for the Faroe Islands. Our own stevedores also made sure that the cargo was rolled on board safely. Finally, our terminal workers performed lashing and securing of cargo to protect it in the best way possible during transport”, says Jan Nørgaard from Blue Water Hirtshals.

After arrival on the Faroes, the truck carrying the transformer continued to Havnardalur. Here, the transformer will be installed and connected to the electricity grid.

These special transports take place more and more often from Hirtshals, where Blue Water has completed similar projects previously. At the moment, the office is in the running for being supplier for large projects during the summer of 2018 as well. 

06 September 2017 10:57

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