Increased demand and capacity problems

It is a positive sign that Europe experiences pick-up and growth in the economic cycle. Unfortunately, this also have negative effects - increased scarcity of labour among other things

12 October 2017 12:52

The transport industry sees a massive shortage of truck drivers. Germany and England alone, are estimated to be in need of 45,000 truck drivers. The situation is the same in the entire EU as well as in the East European Countries outside the EU, countries providing a large percentage of the drivers. This capacity shortage is additionally affected as we now see an increased amount of cargo for transport from our customers.

Due to the shortage of capacity, we have for a long period in 2017 experienced increased costs from our suppliers. So far, Blue Water Shipping has absorbed these additional costs. However, the increased cost level is expected to have a lasting impact and we will therefore introduce a (Lack of Capacity) LOC surcharge of 5 percent on all our road freight rates with effect from 15 November 2017 and until further notice.

It is an unusual and unpredictable situation, which is beyond our control, and we ask for your understanding in this matter.  The surcharge is introduced to ensure that we can provide service to our customers and fulfil their present transport needs.

We will follow the development and keep you informed about any changes that may arise.     

12 October 2017 12:52

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