Fresh fish to Europe

At the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition & Award in Iceland, Blue Water Hirtshals presented its transport solutions for fresh and frozen fish. A service focusing on transit time and quality

The Danish Ambassador in Iceland Mette Kjuel Nielsen visiting Blue Water’s stand. Behind her you can see Andreas Nøhr Vestergaard, Assistant Manager at the embassy. Next to the ambassador are Bent Rasmussen and Rasmus Krohn Elkjær from Blue Water.

03 November 2017 13:19

“We had a good talk with the Danish ambassador in Iceland Mette Kjuel Nielsen. We told her that by weekly departures we can swiftly transport fresh and frozen fish on RO/RO vessels from Iceland and the Faroes to Denmark in close cooperation with Smyril Line. And via our reefer terminal in Padborg, we distribute the fish throughout Europe. She already knew a little about Blue Water, and told us that we had provided transport solutions to the embassy on previous occasions”, says Rasmus Krohn Elkjær, Assistant Manager at Blue Water Copenhagen.

Over the years, Blue Water has built special know-how on transport of fish from both the Faroes and Iceland. By air freight, especially large quantities are being transported to Asia. And by RO/RO vessels, reefer trailers are rolled directly on board the vessel and rolled off upon arrival in Denmark. This shortens the transit time, which is an important factor for the quality.

“The transit time is vital when transporting reefer products. Also, the cold chain must remain unbroken, which will ensure that the quality is maintained during transport. As an additional initiative for ensuring a high quality, we use ultramodern temperature-controlled trucks so that the products remain fresh”, says Rasmus Krohn Elkjær.

03 November 2017 13:19

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