Logistics and warehousing for e-commerce

Web shop owners can swiftly be connected to a customised warehouse solution where Blue Water handles everything from transport, warehouse management, pick and pack to delivery


We have designed a solution which makes our clients’ warehouse management easier

20 March 2018 10:27

“We have made the right preparations and the technical set-up is in place. This enables us to provide our clients with a tailor-made warehouse solution regardless of whether the system will be integrated in a web shop receiving 100 or 10 orders on a daily basis. We have designed a solution which makes our clients’ warehouse management easier”, says Daniel Mortensen, E-Commerce and Warehouse Solution Development Manager at Blue Water Odense.

The web-based Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) can easily be integrated with the clients’ web shops and is accessible 24/7.

“The clients can integrate with Blue Water’s WMS or choose one of our standard integrations. Both options offer an easy and cost-effective solution for both large and small web shops as the preparatory work has already been done”, says Daniel Mortensen.

Competitive logistics opportunities

Blue Water is a member of FDIH (the Danish e-commerce Association), which aim is to raise the standards of e-commerce in Denmark. Through its membership, Blue Water has access to expert counselling, guides etc. which form a basis on offering attractive solutions to the clients.

“FDIH works actively to ensure that the members receive knowledge and are equipped to handle the increasing e-commerce, not least from an international viewpoint. That is why it is interesting to see how companies like Blue Water Shipping develop logistics solutions which in overall terms strengthen the market for flexible logistics opportunities at competitive prices and of competitive quality”, says Niels Preysz, Manager for the members of FDIH. 

20 March 2018 10:27

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