New opportunities opened at Seafood Expo

At the North American Seafood Expo, Blue Water was represented with several business areas and activities. Many visitors opened for new opportunities

The Blue Water Team participating in Boston: (from left to right): Lars S. Vajse, Nuuk / Rasmus Jakobsen, Sisimiut / Belkis Ataman, Miami / Simon Auken Skov, Esbjerg / Mette Munk Gaede, Aalborg / Augusto Bruno Fornereto, Miami & Jesper Nielsen, Copenhagen.

16 April 2018 08:42

It was the first time Blue Water participated at the North American Seafood Expo with its own stand and it turned out successful. Even though a snowstorm hit Boston on the last day of the show, there was a high level of activity at the Blue Water stand.

 “We were strongly represented by colleagues from USA, Greenland and Denmark covering different business areas and activities such as air freight, sea freight and port agency services. Our stand had an impressive number of visits from customers, suppliers and partners during the three-day show. It certainly gave us new opportunities for offering solutions for our customers”, says Rasmus Jakobsen from the Blue Water office in Sisimiut, Greenland.

Focus on Newfoundland

For the Blue Water colleagues from Nuuk and Sisimiut, focus was especially on the customers from Newfoundland. Many of them are landing their catch of shrimps and halibut in Greenland for export, often through our office in Aalborg in the Northern Jutland in Denmark, who was also represented in Boston.

CETA was the talk of the town

 Many topics were being discussed, but one of them drew more attention than the others.

“At the moment, there is a strong focus on the trade between Canada and Europe, due to the new trade agreement CETA. Many Canadian producers and suppliers are interested in exporting to Europe, as CETA guarantees zero percent taxes and duties on almost all products in the coming years. This is something we, at Blue Water, are following very closely”, says Rasmus Jakobsen.

Furthermore, the interest in export/import to/from the American and Canadian markets was of course strong, and we also had many interesting visitors from the Far East and Europe.

Global attraction

Seafood Expo is an annual exhibition in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the biggest Seafood trade exposition in North America attracting almost 1500 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and close to 25,000 visitors involved in the worldwide seafood trade.

16 April 2018 08:42

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