Dangerous goods education

Blue Water educates its personnel within ADR/IMDG with in-house developed course material. This provides safety for the clients and also internally in the organisation


We know how to handle dangerous goods and we keep up to date on the changes in the legislation.

22 June 2018 14:49

It is important for Blue Water to arrange transports that comply with the existing legislation. As many clients are uncertain about this specific field we make efforts to provide guidance ourselves or refer to external experts.

“We know how to handle dangerous goods and we keep up to date on the changes in the legislation. Internally, this provides safety for us and we always have the possibility of referring our clients to external experts if necessary”, says Pia Skytte, Group Quality Specialist.

Learning the regulations for Road, Air and Sea

All employees, who are directly involved in the transports, must know the regulations to an extent corresponding to their assignments and responsibilities. Those who are working with both sea and road transport simultaneously, must know the regulations for both areas. Our employees involved in air freight of dangerous goods will of course receive education in the special rules applying for the area, IATA DGR. The education is handled by external specialists.

Blue water hosts the SDR/IMDG courses for all involved employees in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. ADR is the European convention on international transport of dangerous goods by road and IMDG is the global legislation for international transport of dangerous goods by sea.

“The typical participants in our courses are terminal staff, who takes care of the physical handling og the shipments, as well as freight forwarders. The courses are held as the rules are updated, but we also provide courses for new employees”, says Pia Skytte.

22 June 2018 14:49

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Susanne joined Blue Water in 2012. She has years of experience from various sustainability functions ensuring development, implementation and driving culture within HSE, CSR, Security and Quality.