Increased costs lead to Parking surcharge

The Danish government has imposed restrictions for trucks parking on rest areas in Denmark. Therefore, we are introducing a parking surcharge of 3.5 percent of the freight amount

29 June 2018 09:47

The subject of the governments restrictions for trucks parking on rest areas, has been described on our web page previously in the news section.

We have, jointly with the trade associations, protested against this new regulation as it makes it difficult to maintain our present operation.

The new regulation takes effect in Denmark as of 1 July 2018. We have calculated the consequence of the governmental measure and it is an ascertainable fact that our expenses will increase considerably. We therefore we have no choice but to introduce a separate “Parking Surcharge” of 3.5 percent of the freight amount. The surcharge will take effect as from 1 August 2018 and will be added on all transport- rates to and from Denmark.

It is a governmental intervention beyond our control and we kindly ask for your understanding for our initiative.

We will follow the development and keep you informed.

29 June 2018 09:47

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