Increase in Helicopter Movements

Transporting helicopters is a core competence for Blue Water’s Aerospace logistics experts - and the activity is growing

11 July 2018 09:08

Blue Water’s Aerospace team provides 24/7/365 transport and logistics solutions to the Aerospace industry. One of the services where the team are experiencing growth is transport of helicopters.

“Earlier this year, the Aerospace team from Copenhagen loaded an Airbus helicopter in Sodankyla, Finland. The extreme weather, heavy wind and freezing temperatures made the job challenging, but after loading and assembly on the trailer, the driver set out on the 2900-kilometre trip to Augsburg in Germany”, says Jonas Andersen, Assistant Manager, Aerospace Logistics from Blue Water’s Aerospace team in Copenhagen.

Safely and on time

The helicopter was delivered safely and on time and the team relies on dialogue and planning when solving their challenging tasks.

“We had many good talks with our client and the planning was done together with the shipper and the client. In addition to the transport, we also provided extra services such as packing of rotor blades and fixtures”, says Jonas Andersen.

The Aerospace team has expert knowledge of import and export, customs procedures, engine moves and spare part transport.  All that is necessary to keep an aircraft off ground.

11 July 2018 09:08

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