Trainees strengthen the business

38 new trainees participated in an intro course at Blue Water’s head office in Esbjerg


We become part of the team very fast and we are given a lot of responsibility

02 October 2018 13:01

Trainees strengthen the business 

 “At Blue Water, we take the trainees seriously from day one and therefore we would like to give our new colleagues a thought out and carefully planned experience. From the beginning they will be aware that Blue Water attracts many talented candidates and the selection is incredibly important for Blue Water’s future. The trainees will not only be employed due to their theoretical background, but also their will, personality, dedication and their robustness matters”, says Pernille Sigvardt, HR Business Partner at Blue Water. 

The candidates 

On 1.9.2018, 38 new trainees started in Blue Water, and they have just participated in an intro course at Blue Water’s head office in Esbjerg to get a more detailed presentation of our company. The new trainees did different activities during the week and learned more about Blue Water’s different business areas. In addition, there was also time for social gathering, which is an important part of working at Blue Water. 
The new trainees have taken over the trainee spot from the 39 freight forwarders and accounting assistants, who completed their apprenticeship on 1 September. The main part of the newly educated trainees continue in Blue Water. 

20-year-old Pernille Marcussen working at Blue Water’s office in Copenhagen is one of the new trainees.
“I didn’t have the biggest expectations before I started, but it means a lot to me to feel welcome and I can tell that our colleagues think it’s cool that we are here. We became part of the team very fast and we are given a lot of responsibility, and that’s good, says Pernille Marcussen. 

Preparing for the future

“In 2015, Blue Water established its own international transport and logistics education in cooperation with Business Academy Southwest. The competition for getting talented young people to sign an employment contract is tough. Therefore, it is a huge step in the right direction that we now can offer an attractive education programme and opportunities for a career in a global organisation. It places us in a stronger position. Blue Water is an attractive workplace and when nine out of ten trainees continue working at Blue Water, after they have completed their apprenticeship it proves that we have succeeded in recruiting the right candidates”, says Pernille Sigvardt.

Pernille Marcussen participated in Blue Water’s intro week and says she could easily see herself working in Blue Water in the future. She sees great opportunities in the company and wants to try her strength in new departments and maybe even at our international offices around the world. 
02 October 2018 13:01

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