The world’s largest reachstacker

Blue Water has just started using the world’s strongest reachstacker – lifting capacity 152 tons

An innovative development work between N.C. Nielsen and Blue Water has generated the world's largest reachstacker, which has just been put into operation at the port areas in Esbjerg. The blue-painted giant machine contributes with a lifting capacity of 152 tons on the hook.

10 January 2019 11:21

For Blue Water, the world's largest reachstacker fulfils a long-felt desire for flexible lifts at the very heavy end of the scale. As an alternative to cranes, the new reachstacker will help with the heavy lifts of wind turbines, nacelles, frames and structures in close interaction with Blue Water’s other heavy-duty machines:

– "Now we can handle the heaviest lifting and transport tasks by combining our equipment for the various tasks. For example, we can lift items up to 250 tons with the world's largest reachstacker at one end and one of our 100-ton reachstackers at the other end - or operate with extremely heavy items hanging on the hook. Thus we are geared to future transport tasks, says Søren Messmann, General Manager for the Port Services Division at Blue Water Shipping.

The world's largest reachstacker is the result of a targeted development work between supplier N.C. Nielsen and Blue Water. The ever bigger and heavier wind turbines, the carrying capacity of the soil of the storage area, new types of lifting gear and the request for the hook being able to reach the ground were among the technical challenges.

10 January 2019 11:21

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Soren Messmann

Soren Messmann

General Manager

Port Services

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