Renewal of Customs Licences

Companies with Customs Import & Export Licences must make sure to have valid licences as from 1 May 2019

04 March 2019 08:54

This is the message from the Danish Customs Agency, who since 2016 has been working on re-evaluating customs import & export licences for thousands of companies benefitting from holding such licences.

As from 1 May 2019, the present customs import & export licences are no longer valid. The EU customs code, which became effective on 1 May 2016, involves changes for customs import & export licences in the entire EU as from 1 May 2019.

The majority of companies has applied for renewal of their customs import & export licences in due time, and they have already obtained new valid licences. However, many companies have not yet submitted the necessary documentation.

The companies must contact the Danish Customs Agency

The companies will be facing a frustrating situation on 1 May, if they have no valid import & export licences and still need them.

All companies holding import & export licences have received a letter in their e-Boks from the Danish Customs Agency explaining why and how they can have their licences renewed. Many companies have also been contacted by the Danish Customs Agency.

The companies must submit the required documentation now, if they wish to receive the valid customs import & export licences before 1 May. The Danish customs Agency is ready to assist in this respect.

About Customs Import & Export Licences

A customs licence is the Danish Customs Agency’s decision that you may use one or more of the benefits of the Customs Legislation. You must apply for a customs licence to your company to be allowed reductions of duty or excempt from the Customs Regulations. Read more about customs import & export licences on

04 March 2019 08:54

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