Bronze recognition from TCO

Two of Blue Water’s project staff have been recognised by TCO for their contribution to the execution of the TCO Future Growth Project (FGP)

We all share the same goal: ”To be successful with the job we are doing for the client and ensuring that we stay safe while doing it”, says Heidi Berntsen.

12 June 2019 11:10

Blue Water is leading four consortiums supplying a total of 75 module carrying vessels (MCVs), tugs, barges and utility vessels in connection with the transportation of modules through the Russian Inland Waterway System and intra Caspian Sea to a new offloading facility in Prorva, Kazakhstan.

Managing the information flow

Deputy Technical Manager Engin Dogan has for almost three years formed part of Blue Water’s Project team in Farnborough, England. “TCO FGP is a major project in every way; stakeholders, contracts, subcontractors, bases, locations of fabrication facilities and engineering, which is my scope in the project. The biggest challenge for me is to manage the information flow, as every stakeholder has his own manual to follow, which sometimes lead to changes.

Engineering discipline handles every piece of information in such a project. We have arranged regular meetings with the other stakeholders where we jointly decide in what way to perform the engineering. This is the very spot where the “Blue Water Way” comes into play. We embrace the changes and adapt ourselves accordingly. I believe this is where I make a difference, joining harmony with the best engineering team that I have ever met”, says a very proud Engin Dogan.

Everybody sharing the same goal

Heidi Berntsen who comes from Blue Water’s corporate HSSEQ team in Esbjerg, Denmark, also joined the Farnborough team from the very beginning. Heidi’s key area of responsibility is IIF (Incident and Injury Free). IIF is about developing a culture of trust and teamwork and therefore goes hand in hand with Blue Water’s approach to work.

“Bringing a lot of people on board over a very short time – both in Blue Water and within our four consortium partners – is a massive challenge in building this kind of culture. Getting our approach tailored to the environment that we and the consortium partners are operating in has always been of key significance to me. Sharing our approach and training material with other project stakeholders helps building an approach that supports the building of one team across the project rather than many small teams”, says Heidi Berntsen, who believes this helps us work together, look out for each other - regardless of which company we are working for - because we all share the same goal: ”To be successful with the job we are doing for the client and ensuring that we stay safe while doing it”.

12 June 2019 11:10

Facts on TCO project

Start: May 2016
End date: 31 December 2020


Blue Water employees: 
80 in 8 locations globally


Management of:
75 assets

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