Repair of sea cable

Blue Water is acting as agent for cable ship “Horizon Enabler” in Greenland

17 June 2019 09:47

In March, Blue Water Greenland welcomed the cable ship “Horizon Enabler” to Nuuk. The ship, owned by Horizon Maritime, is in Greenland to perform repair of damages on the sea cable supplying internet to the island.

The job is for IT International Telecom Marine SRL, charterer of the “Horizon Enabler”. In addition to the usual agency services, such as provisions, linesmen and customs clearance, Blue Water provides manpower around the clock to assist with loading of the cable on board the ship.

“The first point of repair was close to Sisimiut. After a speedy repair of the damage, the ship sailed to Nuuk, due to the ice and weather conditions up north, and continued onwards to the repair sites in Southern Greenland. Due to continuously bad weather, the ship returned temporarily to St. John’s, Canada, but is now back in Greenland to repair the damage north of Sisimiut as well as the damages near Qaqortoq – still with Blue Water acting as agents for the ship”, reports Henrik Boll Madsen, Port Agency, Blue Water Nuuk.

Blue Water Nuuk handles around 140 port calls annually all over Greenland: 80 cruise ships in Nuuk and the rest of Greenland as well as 60 calls of trawlers, supply vessels, barges etc.

17 June 2019 09:47

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