First Entry to Humanitarian Aid in Eastern EU

The exhibition attracted aid organisations, manufacturers and suppliers, among others, to the Humanitarian Aid industry

Andrzej Duda, President of Poland, photo by courtesy of Warsaw Expo.

04 July 2019 09:34

For the first time, Polish and Eastern European organisations and suppliers to the Humanitarian Aid industry met in Warsaw in June, at Humanitarian Expo, to present their products and services and to find ways to support the international market for humanitarian aid and development. With a contribution of close to EUR 600 million a year to development aid, the Polish government hopes to be able to increase the support and interest from the private sector by hosting such an exhibition. Big organisations, including Oxfam and Red Cross/Crescent, were present along with many minor NGOs.

Supporting the sector with a dedicated team of transport specialists working exclusively with and for NGOs, UN and their suppliers, we naturally visited the exhibition:  “It was a great opportunity to meet potential clients and partners, to present our services to the many suppliers and producers and to speak with the many NGOs. In a constantly changing environment, we have to be in front to develop and bring out our skills and know-how in order to help the many populations in need around the globe”, says Marina Kongstedt from Blue Water’s Aid- & Development Logistics team in Denmark.

04 July 2019 09:34

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