The world’s biggest port crane

The crane arrived at port of Esbjerg on 22 August, and Blue Water is acting as agents for the port call

22 August 2019 14:46

Blue Water was appointed agents for heavy lift vessel ”Rolldock Storm” which arrived at Esbjerg on 22 August with the port’s new mobile crane. Weighing 800 tons and measuring close to 50 metres vertically, this is the world’s biggest mobile crane specifically designed for port operations (Liebherr LHM 800). 

Port of Esbjerg has the biggest fleet of Liebherr cranes in Scandinavia, and there are only 12 of this newly arrived type of crane in the world. 

The need for this new crane is in particular due to the development in the offshore industry. Among the reasons is the increasing size of the components for the offshore wind turbines. Also, the acquisition of the new crane places Port of Esbjerg in a stronger position in the competition against foreign ports in for instance Germany and Holland.   

“Discharging of the crane took place in the East Port two days after the vessel’s arrival. As stevedores for the vessel, we were also in charge of the discharge operation”, says Klaus Odby Jensen, Manager Port Agency, Blue Water Esbjerg.  

World's largest port crane
22 August 2019 14:46

Liebherr LHM 800

Weight: 795 tons
Lifting capacity: 308 tons
Height: 47.9 metres
Jib length: 66 metres
Axles: 34
Wheels: 136

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Klaus Odby Jensen

Klaus Odby

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