Brexit is just around the corner

It looks as if Great Britain will be leaving the EU with no deal in place, and consequently we recommend our customers to prepare for a Hard Brexit

03 September 2019 08:16
UPDATED: 15 October 2019

If it comes to a Hard Brexit 

  • Hard Brexit means Great Britain will be leaving the EU with no deal in place regarding the terms and conditions for their exit. This means that Great Britain will again be subject to the WTO Trade Rules (World Trade Organisation) instead of the EU Trade Rules. With a Hard Brexit, we expect among other things border control as well as increased expenses – not only direct costs but also overheads.
  • We urge our customers to ensure that they have an EORI number (Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification). Furthermore, we recommend that they have a dialogue with their British customers and suppliers to make sure that customers and suppliers in England have an EORI number and that they have applied for TSP (Transitional Simplified Procedures in the UK).
  • Already now we request that our customers start entering tariff numbers/HS codes in their export invoice, entering their own and consignee’s EORI number and description of the goods as well as ensuring that the invoice shows net weight as well as gross weight. The invoice must be in English. Also, we recommend, when booking via web booking or other electronic booking systems, that the customers enter and send tariff numbers/HS codes to Blue Water. Delivery terms must be in accordance with Incoterms, and the name and address of the customer’s customs agent must appear from the invoice. Also, you must as customer sign Power of Attorney which allows us to issue export documents.
  • For import we recommend that our customers as well as their British suppliers have an EORI number. Also, you must as customer must sign Power of Attorney which allows us to perform customs clearance in Denmark. The invoice must be in English, and delivery terms must be according to Incoterms. Invoice from the UK must include correct and precise description of the goods and HS codes for each product.
  • We have an ongoing dialogue with the British Authorities, the Authorities in the Nordic countries as well as with the Nordic and British ports in order to monitor developments.
  • Our website will be updated on a continuous basis, and we recommend our customers to follow developments here.

Below please find useful information and links to prepare yourselves best for Brexit:

Incoterms (English)

The Danish Customs & Tax Authorities
Great Britain has put off their withdrawal from the EU. Read about the influence this will have on your company’s trading activities with the country.
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Follow the recommendations of Great Britain’s Government on their website
The website provides an overview of the measures to be taken by organisations or business enterprises.  Also, it provides an overview of the measures to be taken by visitors or by Danish citizens living in Great Britain.   
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In Blue Water, we do everything in our power to transport our customers’ goods on schedule. If you have any questions, you are welcome to email or call your local contact for further information regarding Brexit.  

03 September 2019 08:16

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