Heavy lift transportation of fishing trawlers

Blue Water participates in a challenging project with logistics and transport of four trawler hulls from Vietnam to shipyard in Norway

08 October 2019 13:33

Back in March, Blue Water Singapore was involved in a challenging heavy lift transportation from Vietnam to Norway. We were entrusted by one of our returning clients to transport four trawler hulls weighing approximately 500 tons each.

“Our scope started in the early stages, where Blue Water’s engineering team assisted with the design and engineering of the cradles for the hulls. Due to the odd shape of the hulls, together with the elevated deck, we had to design the cradles strong enough, so we could use them for lifting as well. In close cooperation with our client and our carrier, Jumbo Shipping, we succeeded in designing and converting the existing cradles supplied by the yard”, says Subrata Podder, Transport Engineering Manager, Blue Water Singapore.

“The loading operation was challenging too. Blue Water engaged two diving teams to hook on the heavy shackles to the cradles approximately three metres underwater - in unfavourable current. Eventually, all four trawler hulls were safely loaded and delivered to the shipyard in Norway for final completion”, says Victor Pay, Supercargo, Blue Water Singapore.

08 October 2019 13:33

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