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Gigantic Crane Boom, shipped from Northeast Asia to Denmark, is now in place on Swire Blue Ocean’s installation vessel “Pacific Osprey”

Installation of the crane boom in Esbjerg. By courtesy of MiJo Teknik.

06 May 2020 09:17

On 18.1, Blue Water signed a contract with Swire Blue Ocean (SBO) to ship a gigantic Crane Boom - measuring 122 x 15 x 6 metres and weighing approx. 422 tons - from Northeast Asia to Esbjerg in Denmark.

Prior to signing the contract, the technical teams from SAL, SBO and Blue Water had extensive discussions to plan the most optimal stowage and securing of the cargo, keeping the structural integrity of both cargo and vessel in mind.

The crane boom weighing approx. 422 tons being loaded in Northeast Asia

The crane boom weighing approx. 422 tons being loaded in Northeast Asia.

“Thanks to the joint efforts from all parties involved we managed to complete the loading, lashing and securing of the Crane Boom on 22.1, allowing MV “Wiebke” to depart from the loading port just before Chinese New Year. After one month at sea, the vessel arrived safely at the port of Esbjerg, where the Crane Boom was discharged by two Crawler Cranes”, explains Nikolaj Buurgaard Sørensen. Head of Projects, Blue Water Esbjerg, who expresses his thanks to everybody involved from SBO, SAL and Blue Water’s teams in Singapore and Esbjerg.

During March/April, technicians have been working hard on the final outfitting, preparing the crane for installation on to SBO’s installation vessel “Pacific Osprey”. The installation was successfully completed on 16.4.

06 May 2020 09:17

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