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General Cargo
30 Jun 2020

Bridge building project in Ghana

General Cargo
26 Jun 2020

Trial shipment to Guatemala

General Cargo
13 Feb 2020

Disaster Aid to hard-to-reach regions

General Cargo
11 Feb 2020

A sustainable development cooperation

General Cargo
02 Oct 2019

Unique invention provides shelter

General Cargo
30 Sep 2019

Pharmaceuticals to Africa

General Cargo
23 Sep 2019

Upgrade of expressway deep in Africa

General Cargo
05 Aug 2019

Impressive Health Conference

General Cargo
04 Jul 2019

First Entry to Humanitarian Aid in Eastern EU

General Cargo
12 Apr 2019

Cyclone assistance to victims

General Cargo
20 Mar 2019

Equipment to help the fight against Ebola

General Cargo
01 Nov 2018

Pioneering temperature-controlled structures

General Cargo
17 Apr 2018

Hospital equipment to Burkina Faso

General Cargo
30 Oct 2017

Clean water by Hippo Water Rollers

General Cargo
25 Sep 2017

Aid to Irma and Maria hurricane victims

General Cargo
12 Apr 2017

Road survey ensures timely deliveries

General Cargo
12 Jan 2017

Mobile clinic for refugees in Iraq

General Cargo
03 Jan 2017

Collaboration is important to development

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