Dano Mast on the value of our One-Point-of-Contact approach


Blue Water knows us very well! We feel comfortable that they take care of the transportation

Birthe Nielsen, Sales Manager at Dano Mast

Dano Mast produces fiberglass products such as lighting poles, booms and internet and signal masts, but the primary product is fiberglass flagpoles of 4-12 meters. The length of flagpoles has often caused challenges for freight providers, as they do not fit in a standard pallet space and cannot withstand being bumped.

High delivery reliability

When you run a business that exports to customers and distributors across large parts of Europe, delivery reliability is a high priority. For Dano Mast, it is important to be able to trust that the products are picked up and delivered as agreed, and of course without any damage or defects. The flagpoles are quite fragile to transport, nothing can be stacked on top and due to the length of the flagpoles, they require several workers to load them. It requires a high level of involvement and knowledge of the dimensions of the product to handle the flagpoles properly and avoid damage.

Dano Mast has been using Blue Water as a freight supplier in large parts of the European market for many years. The long-term partnership has given Dano Mast a reliable partner who knows their products and freight needs and has experience and expertise in transporting fiberglass products correctly.

The drivers always arrive at specific times and the products are of course also delivered on the agreed days. We have been customers of Blue Water for so long that we take delivery reliability for granted, and the same goes for the importance of the products arriving in perfect condition.  
Birthe Nielsen, Sales Manager at Dano Mast

Personal service and a regular contact person

Dano Mast has built a close partnership with Blue Water over a long period of time: "We have good ongoing contact because we have one contact person who communicates our needs to the freight forwarders and drivers, which I think is important," says Birthe Nielsen, Sales Manager at Dano Mast.

With a permanent contact person, you get a closer partnership, a stronger relationship and a deeper understanding of the business and their transportation needs. For Dano Mast, this means they always know who to contact when they need guidance and with a direct phone number, there is no queue or waiting time.

As the products are fragile to transport and do not fit in every trailer load, it is a significant advantage that Blue Water, through the long-term partnership, has gained a great understanding of how to handle the goods, know where things can go wrong and how much space is needed in the trucks to handle them in the most optimal way.

Blue Water knows us very well! We feel comfortable that they take care of the transportation, because there are rarely any mistakes when it comes to making sure there is room for our products on the truck, which can be a problem if the carrier doesn't know us.
Birthe Nielsen, Sales Manager at Dano Mast

About Dano Mast

Dano Mast is a Danish company producing and exporting fiberglass flagpoles to large parts of Europe. The company was founded in the early 1960s and is today the only manufacturer of fiberglass flagpoles on the Danish market.